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Sustainable Cashmere Project

Trains and works with local partners to implement environmentally friendly practices throughout the cashmere production and manufacturing process in Mongolia.


K.O.A Co., Ltd.

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Social causes


SDGs covered

Endorsed by

The Beautiful Store Foundation

The Beautiful Store was established to contribute to environmentally friendly changes in society and support marginalized people both home and abroad.

Market of Implementation

  • Mongolia


Mongolia is about 7.4 times the size of the Korean Peninsula, yet its population density remains one of the world’s lowest. It is one of the world’s seven largest deposits of natural resources, but most of the resource rights already belong to foreign entities and the proceeds do not reach the local Mongolian people.

For the locals, the only source of value creation lies in hair of goats, cashmere. Yet within this process lies a dilemma. In order to produce more cashmere, the natives started increasing the number of domestic goats without considering its impact on the environment. Such increase in the number of goats has become the cause of major desertification because of their tendency to consume grassroots. In addition, due to the lack of advanced manufacturing technology and the monopoly of cashmere conglomerates, many cashmere SMEs are unable to survive in the sector, making inclusive and sustainable development of the sector difficult.


'le cashmere' continuously supports those partner producer cooperatives, who care deeply for our Earth and future. Originally, the solidification of an unfair income immobility of Monogolian cashmere stems from the refusal of top European cashmere brands to transfer technology or share design with the local producers; they import only the raw fiber. Instead, K.O.A has launched ‘le cashmere’, a new brand where we conjoin the design expertise of our design team and the quality fabric of local cashmere producers who also provide fiber to top European brands. 'le cashmere' products are produced specifically out of sustainable cashmere with local Mongolian producer associations in OEM, and are sold in major department stores and on our own online store. A part of sales profit will be used to train local producers in Mongolia in conjunction with design, marketing, and branding experts in order to create a sustainable business through managing sub-brands, operated by local partners.

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