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Sustainable Last Mile Healthcare

We train local residents to provide health support and events through technology. The primary beneficiary is low-income, rural people who live in communities >1 hour from traditional primary care.


Reach52 (Allied World Healthcare)

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  • Cambodia
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  • Philippines


52% of the world lacks access to essential health services. Existing solutions supporting this in rural areas of low- and middle-income countries, include unlicensed herbal healers or long travels to hospitals and are largely inadequate. This is exacerbated by COVID-19, given global efforts are consumed while overburdened healthcare systems continue to push past breaking points.

Furthermore, quality of care is an issue as local doctors and health workers often lack core skills, resulting in poor health outcomes. With resources concentrated in higher-income communities, rural populations do not receive equitable care.  Existing digital tools, including teleconsultation, are not built for low-connectivity, resulting in a severe lack of adequate telehealth in these communities, compounded by outdated regulations.

We want to enable primary healthcare access, increase the quality of care, strengthen local health systems and improve health outcomes in low- to middle-income communities to support the Sustainable Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage agendas.


  • reach52 trains Access Managers (AM) and affiliate village stores in rural health settings to become local channels of health supports.
  • They are equipped with a suite of offline-first eHealth digital tools to support their villages through collecting data on health needs, running health events, connecting residents to services, ordering and distributing wellbeing products, medicines etc. and enabling access to low-cost insurance to improve financial protection.
  • To reach patients directly, we tap on social media and run campaigns and built chatbots solution to tackle healthy eating and COVID-19 issues.
  • The data collected is used to design engagement and outreach campaigns, including targeted medicines, vitamins and nutrition distribution and health screening events, with local public sector.
  • Through our digital marketplace, we connect them to affordable products and services, such as medicines (from Novartis, Gilead, Pfizer, J&J etc.) insurance products (from Allianz, Malayan, Forte) and diagnostics (from Philips, Abbott etc.). This solution is built for low-to-no internet, to ensure success in rural communities.
  • To expand our reach and scale fast, we work with on-the-ground NGOs who have garnered local trust, to promote our services. In return, we digitise their operations and provide them with a sustainable revenue source through a commission-split fee structure.

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