Susu Cambodia

Susu Cambodia teaches women how to make high quality handicraft products while simultaneously teaching them life skills, preparing and empowering women for a brighter future.


Kamonohashi Project

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There has been incredible progress in the work to eradicate sex trafficking globally since the 1990s. Governments have been putting policies in place since the 2000s that have had a tangible impact and seem to be leading to sustainable solutions. A lot of work has been done, and yet human trafficking persists.

We believe that the inability to completely eradicate human trafficking is not due to the actors, but due to the efficacy of the ecosystem. Human trafficking is an increasingly lucrative business activity, pulling more and more people into its complex illicit networks. In order to eradicate human trafficking, we need to create a more effective ecosystem than that of the traffickers. Our ecosystem needs to value prevention of human trafficking, protection of survivors and prosecution of perpetrators.


“Work as a professional in business.  The experience could be a key for their better life.” OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It is 35km far from the central area of Siem Reap, the city of Angkor wat, where we run the small factory. Here, for 70 women are fully employed to produce high quality handicraft products. Through the 2 years on the job professional training for world-class handicraft products, we aim young women to gain life skills, which are composed of 6 components of habits, problem solving, inter personal, self-management, literacy, working ethics and self-confidence. All of them are essential to overcome various challenges to open their better future. With the aim to accelerate their growth, we strategically install various method and support system. Feedback system with the life skill monitoring tool, active learning training, production vocabulary training, saving system, career counseling, meal provision, kid’s care center. All support system works as like a school, that’s why we call our project “school in business”. bottom_leftSo far we have provided this opportunity and supported their graduation for over 140 women in the last 8 years and plan 100 more within next 3 years. From this year, we started the new product brand SUSU, which has acquired attention and success so far. “SUSU” means support in Cambodian, and we aim to encourage the life journey of women in Cambodia through SUSU. Currently 60% of our income is covered by our product sales. Hopefully with SUSU, the number will reach over 80% until 2018. With the success we have, we want to open more SUSU shops and empower more people including our staffs and our customers.

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