Text Based Counselling with Artificial Intelligence

Provides access to qualified mental health services via Text to those people who find phone and face to face services too confrontational or simply do not have access to mental health services.



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Mental health stigma is a big issue in the Asian culture. People feel too embarrassed to reach out for help via the phone or face to face. Others find it too confronting, inconvenient or simply too costly. By offering Text counselling anytime, anywhere, people can access mental health services privately and confidentially in the comfort of their own home without the stigma or being seen or heard. By analysing the data through Artificial Intelligence we will be able to make mental health services cost effective and accessible to third world countries by empowering volunteers to deliver the service with the assistance of AI to address clinical issues whilst still maintaining empathy and cultural relevance.


By utilising SMS via the mobile phone it is a simple method of engagement for people to connect with a psychologist anytime, anywhere without the need to download a third party app or deal with the stigma of face to face or phone interaction. Our platform also accommodates for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter and is totally scalable to a global community. We utilise a SaaS based product (Zendesk) to deliver the service and are able to collate all the data for AI analysis that will allow us to deliver a clinically superior service using volunteers who will be guided by AI in terms of clinical governance, whilst still maintaining human empathy and cultural relevance and diversity through human delivery.

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