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40K PLUS English Literacy Program

PLUS English uses low-cost technology to make English language learning accessible to rural Cambodian primary & secondary schools. This project aims to extend the program to 250 schools over 3 years.


The 40K Foundation Australia Limited

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  • Cambodia


English is the language of opportunity in developing countries like Cambodia. Higher education requires knowledge of English and tourism accounts for nearly 30% of jobs. Yet, Cambodia has consistently ranked in the bottom 5% of the EF ranking for English proficiency. English education, while mandated in schools, is plagued by challenges brought on by the lack of trained teachers, complex curriculum that assumes basic knowledge and the prohibitively high cost of alternate sources of learning. Over time, the massive rural-urban income disparity has further contributed to making the acquisition of English skills aspirational but inaccessible for the rural population.


The PLUS English language program leverages technology to supplement and improve the English teaching-learning experience. The program combines high quality learning material, teacher empowerment and data-driven interventions, making all of this is available offline through low-cost android devices.

The program is designed for first-generation English learners and for use in low-resource environments. The content is aligned to the national curriculum to ensure that it can seamlessly blend into the existing school ecosystem and also contains a bridging program to help learners who haven't been exposed to the language. The program is driven by the teacher, who is provided intensive training to be able to integrate the PLUS English program into her teaching plan.

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