The UglyGood Project

The UglyGood Project aims to transform organic waste into valuable resources & products through application of scientific research and sustainable organic waste recycling initiatives. It impacts environmental sustainability.



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UglyGood is addressing the increasingly perilous issue of food wastage, to curtail the many negative problems that result from it. Food waste & improper organic waste management is a serious global problem. Food waste alone accounts as one of the top 3 contributors of global greenhouse gas emissions, and creates an estimated global economic lost of $1 trillion dollars in retail value. In 2016, Singapore alone generated 791,000 tons of food waste, with only 13% of it being recycled. At the current rate of waste generation, Singapore’s only landfill, Pulau Semakau, will run out of space in less than 20 years. In view of this pressing challenge, it is time to take a stronger and more holistic approach towards food wastage, involving more stakeholders such as businesses and consumers.


UglyGood has developed a circular economy model that transforms organic waste into valuable products (i.e. waste valorization). We utilize biochemical processes to break down and extract value from organic waste streams and finally divert them away from the landfills. We are currently focused on transforming fruit waste from the fruit juicing industry into valuable eco-friendly products. We work with F&B juice manufacturers to aggregate and recycle possibly up to 6 tonnes of peel waste and fruit pulps daily. First, we extract citrus essential oils out of these waste peels. Thereafter, we ferment the peel remnants after citrus oil extraction to create micro-enzymes that are used to formulate organic cleaning agents. Lastly, we divert the waste away from the landfill by converting the fermented peels into compost, to be reused. This model allows us to create and extract value from waste at every stage of our process, while driving environmental impact.

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