Thien An Shelter

In order to assist visually impaired people obtain employment, Thien and Shelter is seeking to build web resources for the visually impaired and organise workshops and events connecting employers with visually impaired individuals.


Thien An Shelter (MATA)

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LIN Center for Community Development

LIN Center for Community Development is a not-for-profit, nongovernmental organization that helps local people meet local needs.

Market of Implementation

  • Vietnam



Visually impaired people are at a disadvantage at seeking jobs despite the fact that they are able to perform many different functions and processes. Among 1 million blind people, only 20% are in the work force. Employers tend to underestimate the capacity of individuals with visual impairments, unaware of what they can do or how to employ them.


The project seeks to build a job search and resources website for these individuals, while organizing  workshops, conducting consultation sessions and events to connect people with visual impairment with employers and local community members.

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