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This Life Cambodia: Empowering Community Support for At-Risk Families in Cambodia

This Life Cambodia is enabling community support for at-risk children and families and advocate for community-based care in Cambodia.


This Life Cambodia

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In Cambodia, around 49,000 children live in institutions due to many issues including domestic violence, lack of educational opportunity in rural areas, poverty, and limited social protection.

  When a parent or juvenile is incarcerated for a small crime, it can result in the separation of families, the loss of educational opportunities for children and families falling further into poverty.

  It is clear that there is a pressing need to provide support at this crucial time of crisis, and This Life Cambodia has the solution for this.


At This Life Cambodia, we aim to address the issue of supporting and preserving vulnerable families at risk in the following ways:

  • Prompt Response- Enabling the community to respond to cases of potential child-family separation
  • Capacity Building- Conducting awareness-raising campaigns focused on the benefits of raising children within their families and communities, and  ensuring communities are aware of the resources and support services available for children and families
  • Strengthening collaboration and cooperation- Advocating for service providers (NGOs, government bodies) to prioritise community-based care options over institutional care.

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