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Supports vulnerable families at risk of separation in Cambodia by directly assisting families with an incarcerated parent and intervening when a family member comes into conflict with the law.


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The care and protection of children within family and community environments continues to be one of the highest priorities in Cambodia. In the absence of sufficient Child and Social Protection Measures, the vulnerable and disadvantaged are often forced to respond with coping strategies that in effect become drivers of child family separation, such as unsafe migration, abandonment and placing children in institutional care. Families with a parent or caregiver in conflict with the law are particularly at risk. Research reveals a reliance in Cambodia on pretrial detention and an almost complete lack of consideration for the care of children at the point of a parent coming into conflict with the law. There is a well-documented lack of services for the children and families left behind when a parent is incarcerated.


In a landscape of limited capacity and inconsistent coordination it is paramount that NGOs work to fill the gaps in intervention and service provision, while simultaneously building the capacity of communities to respond accordingly to the care and protection of children within communities. Our program aims to demonstrate good practices in family preservation which engage families, communities, and sub-national government structures in promoting family and community care for children at risk. The program has a specific focus on services for families with a family member in conflict with the law, in response to identified gaps in services.

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