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Thlat Primary School in Cambodia

Constructs a new school building at Thlat Primary School in Cambodia to replace deteriorated school building and provide students a safe learning environment.


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LH Angkor 2Thlat Primary School in Siem Reap is comprised of just two buildings, a deteriorating wooden building and a sturdier concrete building.  Both of these buildings contain classrooms that are used to teach the school's 300 students, but the wooden building is in very poor condition with an unsturdy, leaking roof.  The school has decided to stop using the wooden building, as it has been deemed unsafe for use, which has left the school with a shortage of classrooms space.


LH Angkor 1This project will construct a new 4-classroom building at the Thlat Primary School in Siem Reap, Cambodia, for the benefit of the school's 300 students.  This new building will replace a much older wooden classroom building (pictured above while still in use) that the school has recently opted to stop using as it has been deemed unsafe for the teachers and students.

This project will construct a new school building at Thlat Primary School that will offer 4 new classrooms, where the students will be able to focus on their studies in a safe environment.  When this project is complete, two-thirds of the school's classrooms will be held in this new building, while the remaining classes will continue to take place in the school's still-functioning concrete building. Once the project is complete, the new building will also be available for use by other education-focused organizations in the community of Thlat Village, located in Khachas Commune, Sothnikum District, Siem Reap province.

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