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Tictag – Singtel Future Makers 2020

Tictag aims to create micro-jobs for at-risk demographics in the Singapore community, with the USP of making these jobs fun and easily accessible to anyone who has a smartphone.



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Of the vulnerable senior population in Singapore, 40% of seniors do not make enough for retirement. We will target seniors within this 40% bracket by creating micro-jobs for seniors – especially at-risk seniors that suffer from early-stage dementia. We believe this will benefit the bottom 20% of lower income retirees by allowing them a higher standard of living (beyond the bare essentials) and the 20th to 40th percentile of seniors by allowing them to gain true financial independence.


The micro-jobs/tasks on the Tictag platform organically resemble Serious Games for Dementia Care (SGDC), and typical data annotation tasks on the platform are similar to cognitive games such as the Fitt&Hick Game and the Memory Game, both of which are used for the treatment of early-stage dementia (Yeo, 2019). A full list of SGDC can be found in Annex 1.

The Tictag platform can be used to:
  • create micro-jobs for a small group of seniors through a proof-of-concept and
  • as a cognitive game to engage seniors suffering from early-stage dementia.

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