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Timeliss Vault

Offers a online portal and application that provides content, tools, and services for caregivers to make life planning more affordable and accessible.


Timeliss Pte Ltd

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In our rapidly aging society, everyone eventually has to face with mortality. The loss often comes with not only emotional loss, but continued anxiety before and after one's passing that continues to burden loved ones with various matters of health (before one's passing), financial, estate and personal matters.

Planning ahead can significantly reduce the problems that occur during such uncertain times, yet the avenues to do so remain limited for many - it is often believed that planning ahead means consulting a lawyer, financial advisor, funeral planner or other service professionals. The inaccessibility, perceived expense and fragmented nature of help means many don't take action, leaving others to deal with the many challenges that occur after.

Offering a one-stop place to gather life-planning information, provide holistic tools and connect to professionals can make life planning more affordable and accessible to everyone, allowing everyone to self-start their planning on their own


A holistic platform that offers
  • An objective knowledge base of information for processes, prices and advice
  • A content outlet to share current news and practices for life planning
  • An online community forum to aid each other in discussions and understand of various facets of life planning
  • A mobile, desktop and web application/tool that provides a framework for storing personal information, data and personal wishes that will be carried out after. It is also an integrated tool for creating important personal documents, such as a will or ACP, and provide a marketplace of connected experts that can address these matters on a personal level affordably.
  • An online memorial publishing platform that focuses on memorialization, legacy giving & donations, and providing support to bereaved love ones dealing with loss.
Future geographical growth strategy will include China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan.

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