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Traveler’s MAP

Traveller’s MAP provides responsible tourism products – tours which actively encourage local economic development while simultaneously “doing no harm” to the local culture, society, or the environment.


Traveler’s MAP

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Social causes


Endorsed by

The Happiness Foundation

The Happiness Foundation aims to provide opportunities for underprivileged youngsters with leadership training programs and social enterprise projects.

Market of Implementation

  • South Korea


Tourism should be a powerful tool for development, but too often it is synonymous with exploitation, waste and abuse, causing problems for the local community as well as the tourists.


Travelers' MAP's mission is to empower local communities through the transfer of ownership by means of tourism. Ultimately, Travelers' MAP's vision is to build a network of responsible tourism agencies which will corporate together increasing the scope and scale of responsible tourism around Asia. Travelers' MAP has the most diverse tour programs among responsible tourism companies in Korea including trekking, heritage/culture, eco, education, social economy research tour.

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