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TreeDots is established to reduce food wastage via a prevention mean, through redistributing unsold or unwanted inventories from importers, wholesalers to other businesses who still have uses for them.


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The project aims to reduce food waste, which is the 12th UN sustainable development goals, specifically at the pre-consumption stages. This means food wastage generated along the entire supply chain, from farms, packing house, importers, wholesalers to ultimately retailers.

Many do not know that food wastage is a huge problem, wasting not just food alone but the precious resources use to produce them. The amount of land wasted to generate these food that are thrown away is 1.5x the size of China and as much as 24% of water used to produce food is wasted.

In Singapore alone, 809,000 tons of food is wasted in 2017 alone, and there is a 40% increment since a decade ago. However, most surprisingly is that, of all the food waste generated, 90% of them are wasted at the pre-consumption stages, which is the main problem that TreeDots is trying to resolve.


The main reason behind such huge amount of food wastage along the supply chain boils down to a huge factor - fragmented information and industry.

F&B industry is a highly fragmented industry where most industry participants do not speak to one another. Hence many times, food products are thrown away because the suppliers are not able to find demand for it, and buyers who want to buy such products do not know where to look for them.

Hence, at TreeDots, what we do primarily is to bridge the 2 parties by sharing the information regarding such products to our vast network of F&B participants, creating a demand for such products which was not there previously.

On top of that, we allow suppliers to sell through us anonymously such that it will not affect their branding or daily businesses by selling these products cheap.

We also offer logistical and payment support and hence incentivising suppliers to sell off such products as it is no longer a hassle and a losing business to do so.

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