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Tree Planet’s mission is to create engaging means to plant the most trees in the world.


Tree Planet

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Crevisse Partners

Overview Crevisse, an impact ventures group based in South Korea tackles impossible problems of the world through innovative technology and business.

Market of Implementation

  • South Korea
  • Thailand


Forests the size of England disappears every year.


To create engaging means to plant the most trees in the world.


TREE PLANET grows a virtual tree through the Internet games and if it’s grown up to be passed to NGO that creates the actual forests. Fee is free, and the actual amounts for planting trees are paid by platform advertising cost of the sponsoringcompanies and community contribution fund. Users naturally use the company's advertising items and companies pay the advertising costs for the number of the advertising to TREE PLANET.

Another advantage of TREE PLANET is of the reporting system about transparent finance and contents that users can take action directly and quickly by providing the services linked with environmental groups in real time, in that planting a virtual tree is not merely a campaign. Through this, users can be exposed to high quality of contents, by not occasional event but real time communications with the field, and companies can do their work efficiently by leaving the planning and execution of social contributions at once.


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