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Tuah Group is currently working on affordable but safe and durable housing projects across Southeast Asia in order to relocate large populations affected by disasters or by a lack of stable income.


Tuah Group

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Just as an example, the Batangas region is currently experiencing tremendous stress as thousands of households have been forced to evacuate their homes. The local government is actively working on identifying the right private partners in order to help with the relocation of the population. Tuah Group is in direct contact with the Governor's office through its local partners on the ground and has already presented its solution in order to quickly deliver sustainable, durable and safe homes. In order to move the project forward, Tuah Group would need to invest in order to increase its production capacity and be able to demonstrate the superior output it is able to produce. Once approved by the local government, Tuah Group would produce housing units at full capacity. Currently the production pace is simply way too slow compared with the need for urgent shelter.

This typical example is just one of the many situations in the region where Tuah Group is able to make a difference.


Tuah Group offers a best-in-class solution to the tremendous affordable housing backlog in SE Asia as its superior modular construction technology allows to literally build one home a day.

By increasing the number of moulding-machines, we are able to produce daily as many homes as there are machines on site. Consequently, any funding raised to build more machines and more safe, durable and sustainable homes would come as a great relief to the lower end of the pyramid.

Our construction technology is environmental friendly as it reduces the carbon footprint compared to some other construction technologies. Our flat concrete structures allow us to add features such as rainwater collection for recycling or a grass roof that is efficient for isolation and can be used to produce vegetables/fruits as well as drinkable water.

In our product lines, we have also incorporated larger structures which would be a perfect fit for countryside clinic, isolation room, emergency community shelter, just to name a few.

Above all, we believe in the power of building communities. We aim to bring the required ecosystem to support the people left behind and help them grow through providing for their basic need for a home and proper sanitation.

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