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Universal Design Home Infrastructure for Eldercare

Creates a monitoring device which employs data analytics to monitor the well-being of seniors or people with disabilities living independently in Singapore.



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ASK Health Consulting Co., Ltd.

ASK Health is an Asia-based think tank, consultancy l, and venture builder in healthcare. Headquartered in Singapore, ASK Health has extensive experience and operations in Southeast Asia, Mainland China, and Macau, with close partnerships in India, Japan, Korea, Australia, and the Middle East.

Market of Implementation

  • Singapore


Problem 1: Monitoring elderly living alone.
Problem 2: The existing system of using panic button and motion sensors is hard to use and increases the workload of the user.
Problem 3: Most of the elderly monitoring product/service is hard to sustain as the target market is too small compared to a general consumer product. Thus, most of such companies are not able to sustain.


WALL-E is a smart wall light switch that is easy to install. You just need a wall and a power outlet. The hardware installation takes you less about 1-2 minutes. WALL-E comes with a series of sensor capable of:
  • detecting emergency through abnormal sound (e.g. screaming sound of a person) and motion (e.g. no motion in an occupied room).  SoundEye is capable of monitoring elderly by detecting abnormal sound and motion. A sound such as a person screaming is language independent. Hence the solution is scalable to other countries.
  • programmable buttons: elderly may press the button to execute actions such as voice intercom, controlling lights and electrical appliances. SoundEye WALL-E does not require the user to wear/hold any device all the time.
SoundEye WALL-E is based on the universal design that is meant for seniors living alone and for everyone in making their home smart.

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