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Vook is a social audiobook recording platform targeting over 200 million blind people in the globe, 10 percent of the population suffering from Dyslexia as well as the general public with no impairment.


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MYSC (Merry Year Social Company)

MYSC is a leading social innovation consultancy & impact investor working mainly in Korea through impact network and partnership.

Market of Implementation

  • South Korea


We’re living in the age of videos such as Youtube and Tiktok, watching tons of videos every day generated around the world, it is because of OTP (Open Translation Platform) enabling anyone to create subtitles and translating foreign language videos into their mother language. OTP was originally made for hearing impaired people but it catalysts to consume a huge of videos for everyone who don't understand foreign languages.

However, what if you are visually impaired? What if you cannot see any texts? OTP doesn't work for you. Around the globe, over 250 million are totally blind, and by 2050 according to Lancet, the ageing population of 5.5B people will suffer MMD, and 10 per cent of the population suffers Dyslexia. This trend of videos are becoming another discrimination for accessing knowledge.

The traditional solution is reading printed scripts manually by volunteers and or machine TTS (Text to Speech) features, but it has a limited approach and time/cost expensive. TTS sounds robotic, uncomfortable to listen, and difficult to keep focus.


Vook is an ODP (Open Dubbing Platform) and an OAP (Audiobook). It’s a social recording solution for videos and texts anyone can join via the web. First of all, you can dub any public videos with subtitles by entering URL. Vook automatically extracts scripts from video, let you record sentence by sentence following the guidelines. Need to re-record some sentence? Just click any sentence and record it again. Vook constructs audio stream perfectly synced with original videos. You can play a video in your language. Vook also provides audiobook function to record e-book or printed book into audio as the same concept of video dubbing.

We hope Vook to contribute to the visually impaired and distribute many ways by catalyzing to produce audio contents. Since the audiobook market is fast-growing, we also expect children, the elderly, as well as many people in developing countries, participate in the market as a new kind of job using their voices.

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