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Waterless Flushable Toilets

Sanitary toilet solutions for areas without water through our own flushable toilet technology.



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  • China


The water-flush toilets make people's lives clean and convenient, but highly depending on the well-developed water network, sewerage network, and sometimes electricity grid, which many remote areas do not have. The use of flush toilets results in wasted water and wastewater discharge, and the treatment of wastewater results in increased greenhouse gas emissions.

The treatment of toilets produces greenhouse gas emissions from treating faecal and urine sewage. People living in areas lack of infrastructure and water resource, or environmentally vulnerable, are also eager to have a healthier lifestyle with dignity and convenience.

Without experience to provide customized solutions, without mass production to reduce the cost, it is challenging for us to provide a solution to the problems mentioned above.


Landwasher’s award-winning water-free flushable toilet is as sanitary as traditional toilets, at the same time reduces emission and pollution significantly. The solution is collecting urine to flush and automatically pack and seal the stools. It uses eco-friendly liquid to keep sterile state and avoid releasing ammonia gas. The flushing liquid can be recycled, stools are deodorized, sterilized, crushed, liquefied then discharged. The toilet packs one eco-friendly bag for each usage, avoid possible cross-infection, odour or leakage. There is no white pollution with self-decomposition after 60 days, resources can also be collected and reused.

Landwasher’s toilet system is a comprehensive auto-control solution that includes solid-liquid identification and separation, lighting, ventilation and flushing. It is convenient to install and maintain, not restricted by the place of use. It has been widely used, for example in areas with high environmental protection levels such as the Forbidden City and Tibet.

Many toilets of the local infrastructure, commercial and entertainment areas and consumers' homes can be improved.

Type of Carbon Reduced/Sequestered

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons)

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