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WeCare.id is a medical crowdfunding platform, enabling underserved patients to fund medical treatments through direct donations and membership model which allows cross-subsidize scheme between patients.



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Even though by now, 60% of Indonesians already do have national healthcare insurance, facilities especially for remote areas are often insufficient. It occurs that one hospital has to serve three districts with a total population of about 800.000 people. Thus, patients have to be referred to bigger cities - which a lot can't afford since national healthcare insurance doesn’t cover transportation or other supporting costs. The crowdfunding platform WeCare.id funds medical treatment for underserved patients. These patients are selected with the help of medical partners across the country like doctors, hospitals, governments and other organizations. Others can also be submitted by the public


WeCare.id offers transparent, reliable,and efficient way to raise money to fund medical procedures. The crowdfunding approach complements the insufficient national health care by letting citizens help each other. It shows how even funds as little as two dollars help make a difference.

WeCare.id Membership Program: It's a cross-subsidized, membership schema program, designed to support long-term care medical needs for WeCare.id’s patients. Those who signed up to be members are expected to put low-cost monthly contribution which will enable both WeCare.id's patients & donors to claim health benefits from WeCare.id including long-term care medical support through nutrition improvement, lab checkup, doctor visit & free medical consultation. The membership comes in 3 options: Family Plan, Individual Plan, & Beneficiary Plan.

We also assist refugees, who seek asylum in Indonesia and are not eligible to the national insurance/protection, to help fund their medication and surgeries through our platform.

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