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WIZ A.I. Talkbot: Increasing Tech Access for the Elderly

We want technology to be easily accessible. With just a simple phone call, the elderly, those who are unable to adapt, and those who have limited access to technology will be able to get access.



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The quest to increase revenue and reduce operating costs have pushed corporations towards mass automation at almost every customer touch point, resulting in impersonal, text-based, self-serve solutions which skimp on customer satisfaction.

However, such impersonal customer service detaches from those who prefer (or require) a warmer, more authentic experience, or those with limited access to technology. Furthermore, sometimes we just want to speak to a human. Voice Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help the elderly connect with technology, combat loneliness and regain their autonomy.


WIZ A.I. virtual Talkbots deliver humanlike voice A.I. experience that attracts, engage and delight customers through the familiar, natural and interactive medium of a phone call.

By deploying WIZ A.I.’s proprietary Natural Language Processing Engine and cutting-edge conversational Voice AI technology solutions, WIZ A.I. is able to identify the intention in the continuous natural dialogue to deliver human-like conversational A.I. for ASEAN languages. This allows humans to communicate with machines just like in human-to-human conversations. Over 90% of our users cannot tell the difference between our humanistic voice AI and a real person.

Wiz Talkbots can be used in many ways to increases accessibility.

In the case for:

  • People with medical needs: By checking in with them on a daily basis, the WIZ Talkbot is able to build a comprehensive symptom diary, providing medical professionals with more information to optimise treatment plans.
  • Elderly: Technology and text-based self-service can often be confusing for them, WIZ Talkbots allow them to get the service that needs with just a call.
  • Ethnic minorities: WIZ Talkbots are able to understand and deliver conversational AI for ASEAN languages for a multitude of business applications across a wide range of industries.

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