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Anudip Foundation: Women in Technology

Anudip’s Women in Tech programme develops technology-driven skills for at-risk young women between 18-30 years from very conservative and deprived backgrounds, building a pathway to secure sustainable digital livelihoods.


Anudip Foundation for Social Welfare

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Sattva Media and Consulting Pvt Ltd

Sattva’s aims to co-create inclusive businesses that are sustainable, scalable and that can address the needs of people in under-served and emerging markets.

Market of Implementation

  • India


Today, around 90% of jobs demand some sort of digital skills in the candidates to be hired. It has been well proved during the lockdown owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, about the necessity for the knowhow and application of digital skills as an user and the necessity of its presence within an organization, be it – large corporate & businesses, educational and training institutes, or even the daily needs shops, etc.

In post-COVID era, where considerable amount of people will struggle to regain decent livelihoods, know-how of some sort of digital skills have become imperative among women. They have been the most affected in the process, especially in India, as they have to manage the home front and support the family, as many male family members have lost their livelihoods. The knowledge and application of digital skill becomes indispensable for them, to apply for jobs, loans, government benefits, financial transactions, communication, or starting their own businesses for self-reliance.


The Women in Technology programme bridges the digital divide, among the underserved women in the age group of 18-30 years, from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, through innovation, technology and social impact by training on digital skills using innovative technologies in a blended learning environment.

It aims to skill women especially from conservative and predominantly Muslim families from and around Kolkata, already living under challenging circumstances which have become more intense owing to the recent pandemic and cyclone, in various digital skill areas, so they are able to gain a sustainable livelihood through employment or entrepreneurship.

The women will be skill-trained in a combination of technical domain-specific courseware and soft-skills (behavioural change) at reasonable cost with certified trainers through blended learning. This will help women in their communities to overcome socio-economic barriers by becoming self-reliant, generate decent income and prevent early marriages.

As of 2021, our Anudip has trained over 100,000 individuals, with a 300% increase in household income, across 90 skill development centres with a 75% job placement rate.

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