Yiqiao Fellowship Program

Our flagship fellowship program places top young talent into innovative roles in social organizations across China, while providing them with intensive training, mentorship, and community support.


Yiqiao China

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ACCESS Health International

ACCESS Health International is Singaporean-based nonprofit think tank, advisory group, knowledge and implementation partner to governments and private sector.

Market of Implementation

  • China


We are trying to focus on one problem in the social sector in China, the lack of professional and cross-sector talent. The talent gap in the social sector in China is ever pressing as more social issues (e.g. environment, education, inequality, etc.) require involvement of non-profits, social enterprises, and philanthropic foundations in addition to the government. These social organizations are not only strapped for financial capital but also in desperate need of high-quality human capital. Without these talents, programs that serve the underprivileged are often: (1) unsustainable, due to high turn-over rates of staff, (2) inefficient, due to poor designed system, (3) lack of management, due to shortage of professionals and (4) lack of innovation and dynamism to drive systemic change. Therefore, large number of social organizations with good intentions and resources fail to effectively deliver the services to their target populations.


We directly address talent challenges of many organizations, as well as training a new generation of leaders who go on to serve different roles in the future (such as leaders within the organization, starting up their own non-profits, bringing the experience back to the private sector, etc.). Moreover, through the accumulation of these insights around talent placement and development, we will be able to develop a broader online/global platform to connect even more talent with those in need.

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