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Youth Connect Vocational Foundation

Provides marginalised Myanmar migrant youth living along the Thai-Myanmar border with access to vocational training and apprenticeship for employment.


Child’s Dream Foundation

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Khon Thai Foundation

The Khon Thai Foundation is a social purpose organization that emphasizes upon the development of platforms enabling stakeholdersto be active on social issues.

Market of Implementation

  • Myanmar
  • Thailand


Education of young Myanmar migrants living along the border on Thai soil is in a vulnerable state. Largely of Karen, Mon and Shan ethnic minorities, the migrant families flee from their nation’s conflicts and gather at the Thai border town, Mae Sot, to seek employment and education that they could not have in Myanmar. As Myanmar has become more accessible for donors and NGOs, many organisations have abruptly ceased their operations along the border area and resumed activities inside the country instead. The limited availability of learning centres and educational staff have led the migrant students to struggle, if not fail, to finish their education. Therefore, these youth face difficulties developing qualifications for employability and independent living in Thailand as their Thai language, fundamental mathematics and soft skills are lacking. As graduation comes, the youngsters are vulnerable to the low-end employment under the category of dirty, dangerous and demeaning (DDD) jobs.


Three-stage Transitions Programme:
  1. In-School Training: integrated into a schedule of partner migrant schools, a customised curriculum is delivered to aid learners in their last year of high school in their biggest trouble areas - practical Maths, practical Thai and Life Skills. The life skills in focus are interpersonal skills, critical thinking skills and decision making.
  2. Intensive Training & Apprenticeships: 12-week intensive training where students are given a choice of 70+ partner businesses and organisations, so as to proceed their training tailored to their chosen field. Students are then placed in three-month apprenticeships with various local businesses.
  3. Career Centre: career counselling service to enable students to work with the employment team on an individual basis to find suitable full-time work.
The Picturebook Guesthouse is the foundation's social enterprise business where students' hospitality apprenticeship and/or employment post-graduation is hosted.

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