Yum Cha Together

Hosts a series of Yum Cha events where benefactors and under-resourced charitable organizations meet and develop to work together in Hong Kong.


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Social causes


SDGs covered

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HKCSS – HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre

HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre aims to advance social entrepreneurship and mobilize social innovation.

Market of Implementation

  • Hong Kong SAR China


  • In Hong Kong, 70% of NGOs are small and medium sized. The lack of resources and public exposure hinders them to continue supporting their local communities and pursue their noble cause;
  • Those under privileged groups lack social inclusion in effect lowering their self esteem;
  • Hongkong people are kind and generous, but most of them do not actively reach out to those in need, sometimes they just help by buying flags and visiting the elderly centres;
Furthermore, eating dim sum is a local culture and is a part of everyday life activity to many Hong Kong /Chinese people. The spirit and culture behind dim sum needs to better widespread to inherit in a creative and fun way.


As an extension of an award wining book Yum Cha Together “得閒去飲茶” to capture various stories about Hong Kong spirit (hard working, never say never, caring), this social enterprise is setup to address the following issues by: Organise dim sum event as a bridge, to connect the public/corporations/expatriates whom we will call “Caring Tea Patrons” and at the same time we also look for under-resourced charitable organizations. These “Caring Tea Patrons” will first visit the charitable organizations and learn about their aims, work and contributions to community as well as the difficulties they face. During the event we empower beneficiaries of charitable organizations to shine by utilizing their skills to demonstrate to Caring Tea Patrons, to create role switching experience. Then we encourage those Caring Tea Patrons to further support the organizations.  Then the whole group will eat dim sum together and play a fun game/quizzes about the knowledge/culture of dim sum.

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