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Zaya Learning Labs

Zaya uses technology to deliver high quality personalized education under $1/month to students in low-income schools and homes irrespective of their current internet infrastructure.



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DBS Foundation

DBS Bank Ltd is an Asia-centric commercial bank focused on harnessing the region’s long-term potential as the centre of economic gravity shifts eastwards.

Market of Implementation

  • India


As an organisation, we are trying to solve the prime problem of quality learning for all kinds of learners.

While there is a lot of focus on learners that are in the classroom. There is a lack of focus on how to actually bring about this large scale change in the system.

In developing economies, most tech implementations in schools, learning institutes fail in understanding how to really implement technology and make the right decisions for success.

Additionally, while there are a large scale of tools/ systems focusing on in classroom learning for students, the other significant facets of "Introduction of technology for improving learning outcomes" are not focused on.

In the current day and age, how teachers learn and develop professionally is not being addressed to the core.


ZayaPostOur solutions range from Consulting to Product Development in order to impact the entire ecosystem in a broader way.

  1. Consulting with learning related projects in all scenarios (schools, workplaces, home, personal) to provide knowledge, insights and processes leading to success. Also, bringing in a tech related focus to solve problems as needed, while focusing on solving the learning problem.
  2. Custom Product Development of new tech tools that fulfil the custom needs of the applied ecosystem. With our experience in product development for learning scenarios, we bring in learnings, experience and our end user focus and empathy into building products for them and seeing them to success.We believe that a successful tech system is that one that the users want and use and such a system can only be build with constant prototyping, feedback, feedback inclusion and impactful output of implementation.
  3. Product Development - At the core, Zaya is a ed-tech product company, which means we create products that will help all kinds of learners. Right now, our products range from low cost classroom learning solutions to teacher development related products.

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