Accessible Toilets for People in Need


Gramalaya works for the integrated development activities aimed at health, economic and social development of the communities in operation areas. The ultimate goal of Gramalaya is to work for the amelioration of socially downtrodden people under the integrated rural development approach. Since 1987, Gramalaya has been operating in Thottiyam and Thathaiengarpet and Thuraiyur Block, in the rural areas and in the slums of Tiruchirappalli City Corporation in Tiruchirappalli District. Major activities included: health and hygiene education, promotion of self-help Groups among rural, urban and tribal women, construction of low-cost latrines, and safe water supply through micro-credit. Gramalaya is overseen by the Sub Registrar of Woriyu and Income Tax Department, Trichy; Directorate of Rural Development and Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Tamil Nadu; and FCRA Department, Government of India, Delhi.

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