Amoli : Gainful Employment


Purnata is a nonprofit anti-human trafficking organization that focuses on the prevention, rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of women who fall victim to trafficking in India. Part of Purnata's mission is to provide victims access to opportunities to become contributing members of society. Purnata offers a training program where women who want to leave the trade can come and learn essential skills needed to function in society. These skills include language learning, computer operations, basic math, and tailoring. All of these things will help increase her chances of finding employment and creating an ability to support herself. This is how Amoli was created, to help these women who are learning new skills start earning an income. Amoli is a for profit business that hires women out of the trade who have taken interest in tailoring. These women make clothing, handbags, and other textile goods and sell them, receiving money compensation in return.

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