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Bright Future

Bright Future is an initiative by New Resolution India (NRI) which was set up in the year 2009. It grew as an outcome of hard- hitting personal experiences, verifiable observations through the years. The motivation behind launching Bright Future was to provide a conducive educational environment with positive role models, both of which would eradicate the issue of aimless learning. It intervenes at school as well as the community level ensuring a more holistic model of growth among children and youth. The youth today have become followers of the norm and NRI has attempted to alter the scenario by introducing a model which starts with provision of relevant education and ends with gainful employment for the beneficiaries. The target group for the project is youth aged between 13 to 25 years which includes school going children and drop- outs. The model is based on sourcing out role models from within the community and inspiring the alumni to come back and guide future batches.

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