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70% of millennials recently said if a company had a strong sustainability plan, it would affect their decision to stay long term. Sustainability is no longer a 'nice-to-have' for organisations, and here at Capture, we have created a tool to help companies track & reduce CO2 emissions from corporate mobility, whilst engage their employees in the sustainability agenda. Our tool transforms climate worriers into climate warriors. Our mobile app (MVP launched Jan '20) uses an algorithm to automatically predict mode of transport and resulting CO2 emissions. We use a product-led growth strategy through our free-to-use consumer app, converting a % of users into enterprise clients; bringing a more comprehensive version of the tool to corporates (with a live dashboard to track emissions, team challenges, etc.). We will be adding additional CO2 tracking categories to Capture over the coming years, helping users (individual & employee) to track emissions from diet, home energy usage & more.

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