Comfort Me Global Franchise Project

Comfort Me Health Wear Company Limited

Comfort Me Health Wear Company Limited (Comfort Me) was incorporated as a company limited by shares in 2015 and is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting breast health among women and supporting breast cancer survivors. To this end, Comfort Me works in partnership with organisations such Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre and Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation, as well as a dozen schools across Hong Kong. Such partnerships have enabled Comfort Me to host workshops and seminars promoting the importance of wearing the right bra and providing material and psychological support to breast cancer survivors. Comfort Me takes these opportunities to support breast cancer survivors with financial difficulties by giving them free rehabilitation bras. Since 2015, Comfort Me has given out 3000 rehabilitation bras, helping many survivors regain their confidence and reinvigorate their lives. Comfort Me is also a supplier of comfortable and affordable lingerie for women of all backgrounds globally.

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