Community Forestry Market Access

eNBe Lestari (Nb Community Forestry)

Nb has been established to improve the returns to primary producers of timber. The traditional supply chain for transferring wood from standing trees to finished product is inefficient. By controlling the process from buying community plantations throughout processing Nb is able to create economies of scale and add value. During proof of concept it has been possible to demonstrate an IIR of 15+ %, this allows for investment in social and environmental management as well as a sustainable financial return. Nb currently works in 1 district in West Java, over 2 years we have reached a capacity of 500m3/month logs. A single tree ends in many markets & products Nb knows the markets that can maximise returns. The goal is to expand to 5 districts produce 2,500m3 logs/month, a turnover of US$ 500K/month with economies of scale to be FSC certified, invest in downstream processing with projected IIR of 22%+. Triple bottom line benefits, increase smallholder returns and +ve environment impact.

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