Dawn of Civilization (DOC)

Solve Education!

Solve Education! is a non-profit organisation that focuses on providing access to quality education and employment opportunities for disadvantaged young people in Indonesia and all over the world. Globally, many students without access to quality schooling (263 million) have access to low-end smartphone and broadband technology (70% of the world population by 2020). We seek to use technology to bring free, engaging educational software to the low-end phones and intermittent internet connectivity that will soon cover the globe. Our game-based educational application, Dawn of Civilization, runs on low-end smartphones and intermittent internet, and is designed to engage students’ hunger for learning and improve income prospects in a knowledge economy. The game app provides motivation, using game mechanics, social networks, artificial intelligence, and incentives – linking the users up with internship or employment opportunities through our job platform, Solve Employment!.

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