Ecodoe (Ecodoe Widya Candia International Pte Ltd)

Ecodoe is e-commerce based social enterprise, we connect local creators with USD 24 B souvenir needs in the world. Currently there are ove 117,000 pcs souvenirs sold every 6 months. Ecodoe as the platform where local creators, even from rural village, have opportunity to provide products line that fit with market needs. As souvenirs producer, before join Ecodoe, creators generate income no more than USD 1.6/day. Ecodoe become the win win solution, we have 50 million pcs souvenirs demand in 2018 and still cannot compile it all. After join Ecodoe, currently even one creator income has grown up to USD 100 every week. Currently, Ecodoe fundraise to scale our impact & revenue. In Ecodoe, we believe that shared-economy is the economy of the future. Support Ecodoe – reach us for further details.

Inclusive Business Deal Share Live @ Conference 2019

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