Education Support for Children with Disabilities

Margadarshi, The Association for Physically Challenged

Margadarshi was started in 1988 by like minded people, who themselves were polio victims. Margadarshi means showing the way. Our main purpose is to help and support the most vulnerable groups of challenged persons towards their physical, social, psychological and economic well-being. We work in Bangalore, in 41 Gram Panchayat of Kollegal Block, Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka. We have 3 offices, 2 in Bangalore and one in Kollegal, Early Intervention / Physiotherapy Unit at Hanur and a Day Care and Rehabilitation Centre for people with mental illness at Chamrajnagar. We reach 5,000 people with disability (direct and indirect) in a year through a range of services from Early Intervention, Health & Medical Rehabilitation, Residential Support for women with disability, Educational Support, Livelihood Training, Counseling & Guidance. Our main Programmes are Early Intervention, Residential Support, Education Support, Livelihood Training and Social Rehabilitation. Medical rehabilitation is an integral part of all these activities.

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