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Connected Women

OUR APPROACH: (1) We embrace the future of work and the flexibility and empowerment that technology brings in advancing women's economic participation. (2) We train women to be ready for remote and independent work. (3) We help talent to find work where they can learn, grow, and thrive. (4) We match businesses with remarkable talent, regardless of location, to power-up their business and help them focus on the work that makes a difference. (5) Our aim is to create long-term meaningful matches based not just on skills and experience but also preferences, aspirations, flexibility and training requirements. WHAT WE DO: (1) Connecting Women to Meaningful Work, Technology & Knowledge: (a) CONNECTED WOMEN JOBS (b) ELEVATE (c) #SheMeansBusiness (d) WE-TRAIN, WE-MATCH; (2) Connecting Women to Communities: (a) CONNECTED WOMEN MEETUPS (b) CONNECTED WOMEN FACEBOOK COMMUNITY (c) CONNECTED WOMEN ONLINE MAGAZINE; (3) Partnerships and Initiatives: (a) CONNECTED WOMEN COLLABORATIONS

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