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HAUS KCH is a creative community hub aimed at developing the local creative industry in Sarawak. The word HAUS is an acronym that stands for 'harmonise', 'accelerate', 'unite' and 'sustain', while KCH denotes the city of Kuching where it is based. Our hub provides spaces for grassroots creatives of almost every creative discipline in Sarawak covering fine arts, music, dance, poetry, woodworking, textile, photography, video production, parkour, skateboarding, culinary arts, and many more. We also provide talent management services, event space rental, micro-grant funding, business development workshops and event curation to name a few. Having various creatives under one roof has also opened endless possibilities for creatives to synergise and collaborate, which became the key factor to the blossoming of our tight knit community. By helping creatives to develop their art and in their management, we hope to slowly destroy the common sentiment that "artists cannot succeed".

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