Liger Leadership Academy

The Liger Charitable Foundation

The Liger Charitable Foundation aims to reduce the need for foreign aid by investing responsibly in the next generation. Liger Leadership Academy Cambodia is the Foundation’s pilot project. We provide a unified educational foundation while tailoring learning experiences to each student. In a quickly changing world, the ability to see, create and develop new opportunities is vital for future leaders of Cambodia and the future of Cambodia itself. Liger is developing the next generation of leaders with a commitment to improve their country from within and is routinely sought out by NGOs, government organizations, and corporations to provide research, support and expertise on a range of projects. Liger believes a targeted investment in innovative education is the most effective form of aid. Liger enables the local population in Cambodia - and other countries as we expand - to overcome social, political, and economic hurdles on their own and reduce the global dependency on foreign aid.

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