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Toolbox India Foundation

Toolbox India Foundation is a registered section 25 not for Profit Company whose mission is to help socially relevant non-profits in the definition of their objectives and the development of their organisational capacity to best reach those objectives. Toolbox brings together volunteers with diverse experience in fields such as strategic and operations management, human resources, information technology, communications and marketing and impact measurement. Toolbox has an impressive roster of 75 high-powered corporate professionals till date who volunteer their time and expertise in coaching NPOs in specific areas as needed. Toolbox has been steadily making inroads by engaging individuals from various corporate entities in executing projects by volunteering their time, skills and expertise in a meaningful way. In the last 4years has worked with nearly 35 Non-Profit organisations with over 50 projects completed to date with 9500 consulting hours. Most of the Non-profits are executing programs to build sustainable communities, livelihood programs, Education, Community Health initiatives and

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