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Stimson Center Southeast Asia Program

The Stimson Center is a nonpartisan policy research center working to protect people, preserve the planet, and promote security & prosperity. Our formula is simple: we gather the brightest people to think beyond soundbites, create solutions, and make those solutions a reality. We follow the credo of one of history’s leading statesmen, Henry L. Stimson, in taking “pragmatic steps toward ideal objectives.” The Center’s research and analysis focus on reducing environmental, nuclear, and other transnational threats to global security and engaging civil society and industry to help fill gaps in existing governance structures. Stimson’s Southeast Asia team leads the Mekong Basin Connect initiative with partners IUCN and UC Berkeley’s Energy Resources Group to build capacity for innovative planning methods and opportunities provided by the renewable energy transition to engage Mekong stakeholders and development partners toward reducing hydropower and coal impacts in Southeast Asia. Climate Action Platform

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