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Natural Heritage Institute

The Natural Heritage Institute (NHI) is a non-profit natural resources conservation organization founded in California in 1989 by a multi-disciplinary group of experienced environmental professionals. NHI is specialized in rehabilitating heavily engineered river systems to restore and protect the natural functions that support water-dependent ecosystems and the services they provide to sustain and enrich human life. Freshwater ecosystems are today the most imperiled on the planet. NHI’s vision is to recreate a world where rivers function like rivers again in harmony with human needs. NHI designs and then demonstrates restoration tools and techniques in local settings, usually at a river basin-wide scale to illuminate successful models and replicable precedents. We have done this work comprehensively in the Central Valley of California, and also internationally on the Mekong river in SE Asia, the Rio Grande river on the US-Mexico border, and throughout continental Africa.

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