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Journey of the Senses, a group of premium restaurants and creative services that provide the unique experience of being served by and interacting with the disability. Noir. Dining in the Dark (2014), where guests eat in a dark dining room unaware what the menu is, focus on sense of taste and smell and are guided by the professionally trained blind/visually impaired waitstaff. Blanc. Restaurant (2017), staffed by deaf/hearing impaired. An innovative dining experience to have guests order food in sign language. 3 more future concepts: deaf staffed flower shop (2019), blind staffed massage (2019), deaf staffed vegetarian restaurant (2020) Our value proposition is unique in the Vietnamese restaurant market and amongst many social innovations out there. We believe direct social interactions are the best way to challenge and change social stigma. In our SE models, we empower the disability by letting them take charge of social situations and demonstrate their talents to the public at large.

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