Positive Parenting to End Child Abuse

Child Helpline Cambodia (CHC)

CHC provides a free, national, professional phone counseling, information, and effective referral and follow-up system with the aim of promoting active participation by right holders and duty bearers to protect and empower children. CHC enables children to access their right to be heard, right to freedom of expression, right to appropriate information, and right to protection. Acting in the best interests of children at all times, CHC responds to children who want to commit suicide, who are being trafficked, exploited or experiencing physical, sexual and emotional abuse and violence; ensuring appropriate responses that respond and protect them. Its community outreach has resulted in actions that prevent children and youth being abused, exploited through hard labor, exploited online and trafficked. CHC receives a maximum of 12,000 calls each month and an average of 232 calls every day in 2016. Helplines operating globally have established an effective child protection foundation.

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