Poverty Reduction in Upland, Indigenous Communities

Shontoug Foundation, Inc.

Shontoug Foundation, Incorporated is an indigenous development organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 21, 1989. It is regarded as a pioneering non-government organization in the Cordillera that promotes culturally-appropriate development models for indigenous, upland communities. Programs are conceptualized and implemented in a wholistic, integrated, gender-responsive and culturally-sensitive way. These development strategies sustain Shontoug’s mandate of liberating indigenous communities from poverty, oppression and marginalization. Development approaches are based on the development perspective that focuses on community empowerment through community members’ participation, group work, community-led project management and sustainability. Within three decades of development work, Shontoug has established a good track record in improving the socio-economic landscape of poverty-stricken community project partners.

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