Primary Care Center for Urban Poor

Swasth Foundation

We are a 9 year old non-profit social enterprise with a motto of “Health for all.” We focus on improving the well-being of urban poor by providing affordable quality primary-preventive healthcare services. We operate a network of no-frills, just-around-the-corner, one-stop-shop of healthcare services in 2 departments – family medicine and dentistry - to the urban poor. Each of our units (Swasth India Medical Centers - SIMC) provides high quality comprehensive services, i.e. preventive – promotive, consultation, medicines, investigations and procedures, at half the market rates to its customers. Our current network of 28 SIMC across 2 cities (Mumbai and Ahmedabad) have served 730,000+ patients delivering direct patient savings of Rs. 108+ Million with a customer satisfaction rating of 90%+.

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