SOS Food Rescue Project

Scholars of Sustenance Foundation

Scholars of Sustenance is a food rescue foundation focused on the collection and redistribution of surplus food worldwide. We work with farms, manufacturers, supermarkets, suppliers and commercial outlets in the collection of food “waste” that would otherwise be destined for the landfill. We utilize “said food” for its original purpose of human consumption by repurposing and redistributing all food collected to vulnerable communities as well as to other charitable organizations including children's homes, rehabilitation centers, mental institutions and medical centers. SOS is a professional organization with paid staff, scorecards, budgets and annual reporting to assure that everything is accounted for and all of the leftover foods end up in the hands and mouths of the people who need it most. The SOS Food Rescue mission combines humanitarian needs with environmental benefits to disrupt current food management systems to maximize efficiency in food distributio  

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