Sundarbans Fishers Resilience Project

An Organization for Socio-Economic Development-AOSED

AOSED is a non-government and non-profit development organization founded in 1999 and committed to environmental conservation, ecology, biodiversity, and other challenges of climate change to ultimately improve the standard of lives and livelihoods of vulnerable southwest coastal communities in Bangladesh. Through its programs, AOSED is addressing Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), water justice, disaster management and ICT-based early warning response mechanisms, local level adaptation and mitigation of climate change. We promote eco-friendly agriculture extension to ensure food security through social mobilization, skill and capacity development, participatory research and technology transfer, service delivery, local resource mobilization, media and awareness campaign and advocacy. AOSED prioritizes vulnerable communities, human rights, women and children, and the changing socio-economic-political and ecological context.

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