The Breakfast Revolution (TBR)

Decimal Foundation

Decimal Foundation is a non-profit Trust established to scale evidence-based interventions. We run two large-scale projects - 'The Breakfast Revolution' and 'Maid in India'. The Breakfast Revolution was founded as a social enterprise in 2014 with a vision to end malnutrition in India. TBR runs malnutrition treatment programs for schools, anganwadis, hospitals, NGOs, orphanages, etc. At the heart of the program are innovative ‘snacks’ that provide 100% of the vitamins and minerals a child lacks in his or her diet, along with as much vegetarian protein as 3 eggs. In addition to the meals, the program includes health check-ups, deworming and nutritional education. 'Maid in India' provides vocational training and formal jobs to unemployed women living in urban slums of Mumbai.

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