Training and Support for Youth Advocates

Roots of Health (ROH)

Roots of Health, established in 2009, increases awareness of and access to family planning information and reproductive health services, including contraceptives. It currently provides over 12,000 women and girls with family planning and pregnancy services. Additionally, ROH provides otherwise absent basic sex education in schools and colleges. The organization also trains Youth Advocates who educate peers on reproductive health and provide referrals for reproductive health services and HIV testing. These advocates help ensure the sustainability of programmes. In 2016, Roots of Health supported 71 Youth Advocates. The organization taught 13,026 young people bringing the total number of young people taught in Palawan to 45,000. In 2016 ROH also met the contraceptive needs of 5,853 women and girls and provided prenatal care and free prenatal vitamins to 412 women and girls.

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