billionBricks is a one-of-a-kind non-profit innovation studio that uses design as our primary tool to solve one of the most pressing global problems: homelessness. Headquartered in Singapore, we design and provide shelter and infrastructure solutions for the homeless and vulnerable that are scalable, sustainable, and able to create opportunities for communities to emerge out of poverty. Our approach empowers communities to replicate our solutions on their own, and reduce dependencies on support, creating ownership and pride, and unlocking untapped potential for change. Our first product, weatherHYDE is an insulated, reversible, lightweight and women-friendly emergency shelter designed to save lives of the homeless in extreme weather. Ashton Kutcher called it, ‘innovation at its finest’ when its social media campaign went viral with over 40 million views. Our second product, powerHYDE is world’s first solar home for the homeless which produces enough energy to pay for itself.

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